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Luang Namtha burns narcotic drugs celebrating National Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking

Luang Namtha authorities on Oct 12 burned narcotic drugs to mark the 20th anniversary of National Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking (Oct 12, 2001-2021) in the presence of Vice Governor of Luang Namtha Phommasouk Vilaykoun, senior officials from the military and public security headquarters and relevant authorities.

“The narcotic drugs burned today included 209,736 tablets of crazy drug (20 kg), 9.77 kg of opium, 90 grams of heroin, 1.05 kg of crystal methamphetamine (ice), two sacks of white powder (5.5 kg), and three kilograms of fake morphine,” said Deputy Head of Public Prosecutor’s Office of Luang Namtha Voneseng Bouadokthong.

On this occasion, Mr Phommasouk urged relevant authorities to attach attention to tackling drug gangs and educate people in risk and remote areas about the laws and danger of narcotic drugs and encourage them to act as eyes and ears of the police in fighting narcotic drugs.

Source: Lao News Agency