Luang Prabang Makes Preparations for Nang Sangkhan Parade | Lao Tribune

Luang Prabang Makes Preparations for Nang Sangkhan Parade

Preparations for Nang Sangkhan or Miss Pi Mai Lao 2560 parade in Luang Prabang Province, on April 14 is nearly complete as planned.

The preparations, including banners, the building of a replica of a water buffalo, and a decorated car which will be used for Nang Sangkhan, are now reportedly about 80% complete and will be finished next week.

This year’s parade is expected to be bigger than in previous years so as to welcome the Visit Laos Year 2018.

The celebrations will last 10 days, beginning on the 10th and ending on the 20th of April, with many interesting traditional festivities to attract more tourists, both local and foreign. The biggest one is the Nang Sangkhan parade, known in Luang Prabang as Hae Vor.

The building and decoration works are being carried out by students from the Luang Prabang Fine Arts College.

The celebration of Lao Lunar New Year festival usually falls on April 14-16, but has been extended this year until April 18 to compensate for two days that fall on the weekend.

The Pi Mai Lao or water festival reflects the longstanding Lao culture and tradition through the expression of respect and gratitude by young people towards their elders.

Source: Lao News Agency