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Meta continues second year of LaoHelpLaoByMeta online campaign to help local entrepreneurs

Meta in partnership with Lao ICT and Digital Association (LIDA) and Httpool Laos, the company’s business partner and specialist in digital marketing will hold from Jul 14-16 a three-day online experience with interactive video series offering digital business trends, insights and best practice sharing from Lao-homegrown brands.

This online training workshop, open to the public, aims to support local businesses in their digital acceleration as the country reopened and businesses and travels resumed.

Lao reporters from different media outlets were invited to join the launching ceremony of LaoHelpLaoByMeta online campaign, which took place in Vientiane on Tuesday, Jul 12.

The programme also provides the exclusive digital business guidebook available for download in Lao language. Aiming to provide easy steps for Lao entrepreneurs to follow as they look to bring their business online or accelerate their digital opportunities in post pandemic times, the exclusive LaoHelpLaoByMeta digital business guidebook is designed by Meta in partnership with Httpool Laos, the company’s business partner and specialist in digital marketing.

“With travels and businesses are opening back up, and we know that getting back to business is not going to be the same after the pandemic, it is crucial that businesses of all sizes continue to embrace the digital journey to deepen their relationship with existing customers, connect with the new ones and keep their business resiliency,” said Indi Davis, Meta’s Reseller Partner Manager for Laos and Southeast Asia emerging markets.

“As we launch LaoHelpLaoByMeta for the second year, we look forward to Lao entrepreneurs and SMEs joining the 3.6 billion people and 200 million businesses that are using Meta’s platforms to grow. This campaign is all about digital skills and training in capacity building with practical steps Lao entrepreneurs can easily follow to jump start their online growth particularly in the challenging setback of the post-pandemic world. We are excited to work with our partners on the ground including Httpool, Lao ICT Commerce Association and Inside Laos to bring this campaign to life” said Davis.

Joining the campaign are Meta’s authorized reseller partner and digital marketing expert Httpool Laos. “Since 2020, we have been working closely with more than 150 advertisers and local businesses in Laos, helping them speed up their digital transformation.

We are excited to join #LaoHelpLaoByMeta and be a part of the ongoing efforts. Our vision is to connect brands to audiences with the world’s most relevant media platforms such as Meta’s and empower the local entrepreneurs and enterprises and enrich the Laos business ecosystem with impactful and effective solutions to grow,” said Vannaleth Phimphachanh, Country Lead – Httpool Laos.

Httpool Laos will lead the exclusive LaoHelpLaobyMeta online training workshop for businesses open for the public (Check the programme’s details and full schedule in the attached media fact sheet)

Featured in the highlight of #LaoHelpLaobyMeta campaign and Lao PDR’s leader in SMEs skill building, Mr. Thanousone Phonamat, President of Lao ICT Commerce Association shared that “According to the 2020 National Economic Research, SMEs account for the majority of over 133,997 businesses in Laos That covers 99.8% across all businesses in the country and this is why SMEs play a significant role to drive through the country’s social economy. Now, Laos has officially reopened after the prolonged pandemic which totally cracked down the economy.

However, it also creates significant opportunities for SMEs, particularly sales and service sectors, to adapt themselves and turn to digital. It is important for SMEs to enhance their digital skills in order to compete in the market and survive.

While on the recovery stage, we see how businesses have tapped into digital and utilized digital tools to build growth for their businesses. This partnership with Meta is aligned with LICA’s core mission and presents a really good opportunity for local SMEs to learn and uplevel their skills so that they can thrive on their digital journey.”

Source: Lao News Agency