MoH, USAID to Promote Access to Water, Nutrition, and Sanitation in Central Provinces | Lao Tribune

MoH, USAID to Promote Access to Water, Nutrition, and Sanitation in Central Provinces

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with Children’s Fund under the USAID Nurture Project, organized a meeting on strategic development for altering social behavior under the Water, Nutrition and Sanitation mainstream project.

The meeting was held in Vientiane Capital from March 20-24. It aimed to locate the problems in research and analysis results regarding gender roles, so as to development a strategy for altering social behavior operated by USAID Nurture’s Water, Nutrition and Sanitation mainstream project.

This project will implement the strategy and national action plan for nutrition until 2025 by focusing on reducing chronic malnutrition in Khammuan and Savannakhet provinces. This will be done by improving teenage girls’ diets and eating habits, providing information and awareness to pregnant and breastfeeding women, improving access to food and healthcare for children, and improving sanitation.

The project will work closely with relevant departments and centres of Health Care and Hygiene Promotion, Nutrition, Environment Care and Clean Water, and Medical and Hygiene Education Information, aiming to strengthen capacity building for officials.

The USAID Nurture project focuses on improving the nutritional status of women and children to reduce child stunting in targeted areas of Laos. This three-year project works to improve community and household nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

Despite strong economic growth, Laos still experiences some of the highest rates of child and maternal mortality and malnutrition in Southeast Asia. Lao children remain some of Asia’s most undernourished with national rates of stunting (low height for age) at 44%, and 27% of Lao children are underweight. The project uses two strategies applied primarily through community-based health workers and local village authorities.

Source: Lao News Agency