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More people tend to opt for EVs, says an official

In the Lao PDR, more and more people are likely to use electric vehicles as in Vientiane there are more than 160 electric vehicles (as of May 11, 2022) and 15 charging stations including one fast charge station, has said Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Mr Khamso Kouphokham.

“EVs and commercial charging stations are likely to rise in numbers in the future,” said Khamso Kouphokham.

Representatives from the Department of Energy Promotion and Saving, Ministry of Energy and Mines and relevant offices met in Vientiane Province on Jun 28-30 to pass a draft ministerial agreement on the management of commercial electric vehicle charging stations.

“Today, many countries are increasingly using electric vehicles and expanding charging stations in society to reduce air pollution caused by carbon dioxide from industrial factories and combustion vehicles. Many have made commitments to environment protection as their obligations to the reduction of air pollution especially by delivering a policy that promotes the development and use of non-pollutant vehicles,” said Mr Khamso.

The government has tasked the Ministry of Energy and Mines to devise legal instruments on charging stations and price composition of public charging stations.

Laos has an ambitious goal to raise the share of electric vehicles to 1% of the total vehicles in the country by 2025 and 30% by 2030, and increase the nationwide number of public fast and rapid charge stations, each with 5-10 plugs, to at least 50 by 2025 and 100 by 2030.

Source: Lao News Agency