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Mouvement, Formal Men’s Suit Brand Gains Popularity

Mouvement, a formal men’s suit brand is gaining popularity in Lao society, particularly among boys as young as 7 to middle-aged men, and is in high market demand.

The Mouvement Brand shop located on That Luang Road, That Luang village, was launched two years ago. This brand was made by Lao people with Lao craftsmanship, using high quality materials imported from overseas.

The shop has received a lot of customer orders, and sells pre-designed and customised formal suits and shoes in all sizes.

One more branch has been added with the aim to expand our services to customers. Our shop also provides after sales service, especially clothing repair and modifications, and receives suggestions and recommendations pertaining to design, said the owner of Mouvement Brand, Phonthida Somsaath at the grand opening of the brand’s second outlet in Vientiane Capital on June 11.

Approximately 80 percent of our customers are men who usually order common formal suits, not fancy ones, because they are suitable for all events, said Ms Phonthida.

We have also planned to add additional branches in southern and northern provinces in the future, she said.

We have a promotion now, giving a 20 percent discount and providing a free shirt to customers who buy or order suits at our outlets from today until the end of this week. The price starts from 1.1 million kip, said Ms Phonthida, who adores designing and making formal men’s suits. She saw an unfilled niche in the Lao market, leading to the creation of her own brand.

Further information can be get via Tel: 020 5885 7557 , 020 5885 7557, 020 2345 4678, 020 7834 4922 or on Facebook: Mouvement Brand Laos.

Source: Lao News Agency