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Nam Ha Protected Area Remains Beautiful Refreshing Nature

Nam Ha national protected Area (NPA) in the northern province of Luang Namtha covers some of the most significant and largest wilderness areas in Laos Altitudes ringing from river valleys and plans to the northern highland peaks support a broad suite of habitats with a biodiversity of national importance.

This is an area of outstanding beauty, breathtaking mountain views, and cultural interest of ASEAN Heritage parks.

Most of the Nam Ha NPA is covered by mixed deciduous forest; with a range of mountains running to the border with china along the top of this are mainly dry evergreen forest and some grassland. Three large rivers, Nam Tha, Nam Fa, and Nam Long, drain southward to the Mekong fed by a dense network of tributary streams.

On average of tourists number is about 200 per month, Mr Khammy Inthakhanh, a worker of NPA’s Tourist Information Centre has recently disclosed. There are different ecotourism activities including trekking, exploring wild animals, watching livelihood of ethic people and other.

On occasion of Visit Laos Year 2018, both domestic and overseas tourists can touch the real atmospheres of Luang Namtha Province which is blessed with rich nature, Mr Khammy said.

Source: Lao News Agency