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Nam Ou Hydropower’s Generation Scheduled for Pre-2020

The construction of the Nam Ou 1, 3, 4 and 7 Hydropower Projects with a combined installed generation capacity of 740 megawatts in Luang Prabang and Phongsaly is expected to be complete by 2020.

Developers began the construction of the four projects worth over US$1.76 billion early this year.

The construction of these projects is in the second phase and is being conducted by the Power China Group. The company has completed the three hydropower projects Nam Ou 2, 5 and 6 in the first phase of its US$2.8 billion project. The three hydropower projects have a combined installed generation capacity of 540 megawatts.

Most electricity generated by these projects will be sold to Eletricite du Laos for supply to local people in the northern parts of Laos according to the government policy and strategy to promote industrialization and development in the localities.

“The government has granted a 29-year concession to the Power China Group allowing the company to develop 7 hydropower projects on the Nam Ou,” said Managing Director of Nam Ou Hydropower Co., Ltd. Mr Song Huihong during an interview with local and Chinese media this week.

The seven projects will have a total installed capacity of 1,272 megawatts and an annum energy output of 5,227GWh.

Laos currently has 40 operational power plants with a total installed generation capacity of 6,304MW and a combined investment of more than US$10 billion.

About 90 per cent of families in Laos reportedly have access to electricity. The number represents 200 times the number reported in 1975.

The Lao PDR is expected to have 75 commercially operational hydropower projects with a total installed generation capacity of 10,775 megawatts and an annum energy output of over 55,500 GWh by 2020.

Source: Lao News Agency