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NampapaNakhonLuang to Invest over 100 Billion Kip in Water Distribution Pipes

Prime Minister ThonglounSisoulith’s car was bid for 1,330 million kip, the highest bid made in the first ever auction of leaders’ cars, followed by Vice President PhankhamViphavanh’s car offered a 1,300 million kip bid and National Assembly President PanyYathortou’s car given a 970 million kip bid.

Fourteen cars of the President, Prime Minister and other senior Party and government officials fetched 11.6 billion kip with President BounnhangVorachit’s BMW Series 7 grabbing an 890 million kip bid in the auction held at the National Convention Centre in Vientiane on Tuesday.

The auction drew more than 50 bidders.

The following is the breakdown of the winning bid values for the vehicles of top three leaders:

NampapaNakhonLuang on Feb 24 reached an agreement with a local company worth over 100 billion kip (US$12.33 million) to lay water supply distribution pipes for the Thadeua water supply factory in Hadsayfong district, Vientiane Capital.

The agreement was signed between the Director of NampapaNakhonLuang, MrKhampheuyVongsakhamphouy and the Director of the Vientiane Automation and Solution Engineering (VASE) Company, Mr. SenglatySavanhkham.

The project will involve laying pipes over a combined length of about 100 KM to ensure that 36 villages in Hadsayfong district will gain access to water supply.

NampapaNakhonLuang has an ambitious plan to supply water to 95% of the population in Vientiane Capital by 2020.

The pipe layout work is expected to take about 18 months to complete and NampapaNakhonLuang will have 10 years to repay its debt to Vientiane Automation and Solution Engineering (VASE).

Source: Lao News Agency