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National Statistics System to be Modified to Meet Int’l Standards

The national statistics system will be modified and implemented in accordance with international standards by 2020.

To prepare for the change of national statistics system, a seminar on scientific statistics under the theme of enhancing production unity and political statistics publication was held at the Centre for International Cooperation and Training on June 29 as part of the celebration of National Statistics on June 30.

The function was attended by statistics-relevant staff across the country. Samaichanh Boupha, General Director of the National Statistics Department, said at the opening ceremony that the seminar was to highlight the significance of statistical analysis and bring good lessons on scientific statistics and knowledge exchange into application in all sectors, ministries and localities, which was commended by academics and statistics researchers aiming to create and upgrade their statistics knowledge this year.

The direction of statistics system development has been determined in the national sustainable statistics system development strategy for the period of 2016-2025 and the version until 2030. In particular, by year 2020, the national statistics system will be brought up to international standards, such as the application of national accounts in the year of 2008 in accordance with the instruction of UN Statistics Division to ensure supplying formal information to the indicator of sustainable development goals, Mr Samaichanh added.

This seminar is set to release new methods of statistical work, especially presenting the topic on statistical science in a semi-academic manner to statisticians.

The event drew scientists, researchers, qualified persons, statistic producers and statistic users from different vocations to exchange knowledge and scientific approaches so as to improve the statistical quality of Laos to ensure it is on par with international standards and in accordance with the renovation direction of Party and Government and version 2030.

Source: Lao News Agency