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Need to compensate owners of land acquired for IKN: KSP

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Chief of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP)Moeldokohas asked the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) to promptly pay compensation for lands acquired for the new capital to their rightful owners.”If the price has been agreed, the compensation must be promptly paid. Do not delay it, as we will never neglect this issue,” he said during a meeting with the OIKN’s deputy for social, culture, and public empowermentAlimuddinat the Presidential Palace complex here on Monday. The meeting between the two officials on Monday was a follow-up to Moeldoko’s working visit to East Kalimantan last February, when he listened to aspirations from the local customary community regarding the acquisition of their lands for the new capital. The compensation for land acquisition for the new capital project is a complex issue, which requires special attention, he said, according to a statement issued by the KSP. Moeldoko also promised to monitor the land acquisition process by pushing for the payment of the compensation and ensuring that the residents affected by the new capital’s development receive compensation according to the agreement. “We had a similar experience while handling the Wadas case (in Central Java). Once the KSP acted on the issue, the compensation payment went smoothly to its completion. We are keen to see the process in the new capital also go smoothly,” the KSP chief said. Meanwhile, Alimuddin conveyed a request from the local community residing at the new capital site to Moeldoko, asking that the government provide them replacement land for relocation as they are struggling to find suitable land for their customary community. “They expect a relocation, and they need nine hectares (of land),” the OIKN deputy informed. During the meeting, he also highlighted the need to ensure the balance of education in the new capital, primarily for basic and middle-level education.

Source: Antara News Agency