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New Tourist Attraction Found In Vientiane Province

A new cave housing many centuries-old Buddha images has been discovered in Muen district, Vientiane Province.

The cave is located on Hom Thao Cliff, around 27 km from the municipal centre of Muen district and close to National Road No 4501.

On Mar 13, chief of Muen district Phouvone Bounvilay led a team comprising representatives of relevant offices and authorities of local communities to survey the newly found tourist destination.

According to villagers of Vang and Nam Hi, there are other four beautiful caves near by the cave.

Mr Phouvone Bounvilay said that his district planned to develop the cave as a key tourist destination of the district. Parking area, restaurants, and public facilities are expected to be built in nearby area to accommodate curious visitors.

Muen district administration is expected to open the newly discovered tourist attraction before coming Lao New Year celebration.

Source: Lao News Agency