Nick Faldo’s company hired to design a world-class golf course in Vientiane

The Lao Thatluang Investment & Development has signed with the Faldo Design Co., Ltd an agreement on a 18-hole golf course design project in Thatluang Lake Special Economic Zone in Vientiane.

The agreement was signed in Vientiane on April 26 by Ms Huang Xiuwen, Vice Chairman of Thatluang Lake Special Economic Zone and Mr Nick Faldo, Chairman of the Faldo Design Co.,.

Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Sthabandith Insisiengmay, Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Vansy Kuamua, Chairman of You Eun 9 Sole Co., Ltd Kim Hyoenseok and relevant officials witnessed the signing ceremony.

“The Thatluang Lake Special Economic Zone is about to develop a world-class golf course designed by Nick Faldo, empowering the Thatluang Lake Special Economic Zone. For companies settling in the Special Economic Zone, in addition to providing excellent, comfortable, and convenient office environment, it also provides a high-end social activity venue for exercising and cultivating character, makes the Thatluang Lake Special Economic Zone the most ideal place for international companies to invest in Laos for living, working, leisure and making friends,” said Ms Huang Xiuwen.

Golf is a leisure sport with special charm that exercises, cultivates emotions, and improves skills in a natural and elegant green environment, and is deeply loved by people from all over the world. Golf, as the name suggests, is named after the combination of English initials – g grass, o oxygen, I light, and f friendship.

The successful holding of this signing ceremony marks the construction and development of the Thatluang Lake Special Economic Zone entering a fast lane of development and the economic zone will inevitably become the centre for tourism, business, entertainment and leisure in the Pan Asian Economic Circle in the future, according to Ms Huang Xiuwen.

“I have been doing business in Korea for 30 years. During this period, we also cooperated with many countries. However, no country has endless possibilities compared to Laos, so I decided to invest USD 50 million. Of course, this is just the beginning. I hereby promise to invest 100 more million US dollars in the future to jointly develop with Laos,” said Chairman of You Eun 9 Sole Kim Hyoenseok.

Source: Lao News Agency