Nimba Citizens Approve Over $130,000 for Development (

Nimba Citizens Approve Over $130,000 for Development (

More than US$130,000 has been approved by citizens of Nimba County electoral district eight to undertake separate development projects in the area.

The money which is beign provided by ArcelorMittal annually to communities directly affected by its operations is allotted to Meinpea-Mah, Leewehpea, Bain-Garr, Sanniquillie-Mah and other districts in the county.

Speaking at the start of one of the District Council Sittings in Bunadin Headquarters, Rep. Larry Younquoi, who presided over the sitting, said the amount of US$135,000 has been allotted for directly affected communities including Gipo, Duo, Tiayee, Kpoapa, Bunadin amongst other.

The lawmaker however requested each of the communities to select project for the use of the money.

He indicated that the money is apportioned for the two directly affected districts in the areas including Leewehpea and Meinpea-Mah Administrative Districts.

He further explained that about US$72,000 is allotted for Meinpea-Mah while US$60,000 to Leewehpea-mah Administrative Districts. At the end of the sitting, Meinpea selected the construction of an Elementary School on the highway between Bunadin and Duo and a Paramount Chief Compound in Lao Tiayee; each costing US$36,000 while the citizens of Leewehpea selected the construction of a Township Commissioner Compound in Gipo Township, costing US$30,000, and a town hall in Kpoapa with the same amount.

In his closing remarks, the Nimba County lawmaker told the citizens that relevant authorities of the county including the PMC chair and Development Superintendent will work alongside them in the implementation of those projects while he will provide oversight as a lawmaker.

This, he said the county has resolved not to use sub-standard materials including dirt bricks to construct government funded projects.

The sitting was attended by Mr. Dorr Cooper, Development Superintendent; Edwin Tiah, Statutory Superintendent for Saclapea-mah; Moses Mendein, Fiscal Affairs Assistant Superintendent and Peterson Walker, Acting Chairman of the Project Management Committee.

The PMC manages the social development funds of the county. Following the selection of the projects, the resolution was signed and transmitted to the Assistant Superintendent for Development for Fiscal Affairs, Mr. Mendein for immediate action.