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Nine JICA Volunteers Bid Farewell to Laos

Director General of Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Planning and Investment Sisomboun Ounavong on June 23 received a courtesy call by nine Japanese volunteers who have ended their missions in Laos.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) volunteers paid a farewell courtesy visit to Mrs Sisomboun before returning home after spending two years assisting in Laos’s development.

The volunteers were led by Yoshiharu Yoneyama, Chief Representative of the JICA Laos office.

The nine are set to return to Japan on June 27 2017, upon the completion of their respective missions to the Lao PDR.

They presented reports of their activities in working with counterparts during the term of their assignments in the country.

Kyohei Takiguchi, JOCV in the field of Youth activities, has served two years at the Children’s Development Center (CDC) in Xayaboury Province.

He has been engaged in teaching music such as piano and guitar, arts, drawing, and story telling, and also directed a musical in order to support the healthy growth of children.

During his assignment, he and his fellows organised a training course for CDC and CCCs across the country, aimed at teaching how to tell stories in more attractive ways for children and to use music to teach lessons.

Each volunteer transferred technical knowledge and skills to their counterparts and local officials while gaining valuable experiences, including the application of theory in the field and developing communicative capacity in the Lao language.

Currently, JICA has a total of 60 volunteers, including eight senior volunteers working in a variety of capacities around the country.

Volunteers from Japan have been working side by side with counterparts in 13 provinces from the north to south of the rapidly developing landlocked country at the heart of the Mekong region.

Since 1965, 953 volunteers have been dispatched throughout Lao PDR by JICA in various fields of expertise, such as public health, education and sports, agriculture and forestry, culture, environment, infrastructure engineering, rural community development and more.

The dispatch of Japanese volunteers to the Lao PDR by JICA is set to continue in a sustainable manner, based on the close cooperation between the governments of the two countries.

Mrs Sisomboun praised the Japanese volunteers for giving their utmost effort while working with Lao people in rural communities and with local authorities.

She wished the volunteers good health and a successful mission in Laos, encouraging them to gain new experiences by learning about Lao culture and language.

Source: Lao News Agency