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Nong Khamsene wetland’s management discussed

(KPL) The AFC in cooperation with World Wilde Fund for Nature to Laos organized a workshop to promote collaborative management of the Nong Khamsene wetland in Vientiane on Aug 14, 2020.

The Nong Khamsene wetland is located about 20 km southwest of Vientiane. It is shared by six villages of Hadxayfong district namely Sithan Tai, Khokxai, Xaifong Tai, Xaifong Neua, Thakhek and Thinphea. It is beneficial to around 1,800 households.

“Nong Khamsene is a wetland area with a long history. It has a lot of aquatic and terrestrial animals,” Mr. Khamsen Duangphachanh, Deputy Chief of Hadxayfong District.

Today, the area of the reservoir remains at about 86 hectares.

Based on data collected, it is found that a number of families in nearby communities rely on the wetland as their source of food such as vegetables and aquatic animals. Unfortunately some overcatch fish using destructive fishing devises.

The collaborative management of the Nong Khamsene wetland aims to promote the protection of biodiversity, green plants and endangered species of wild birds in the Nong Khamsene protected area.

“In the future, the area may be used as an exemplary tourist destination and a natural learning centre,” said the Deputy Chief of Hadxayfong District.

Source: Lao News Agency