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Northern Provinces Respond to STDs/HIV/AIDS Outbreak

Four northern provincial authorities have discussed with Chinese experts to prevent the outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS.

A meeting was held at an office of the Luang Prabang Public Health Division last weekend, attended by Deputy Head of Luang Prabang Public Health Division Bounthiam Siphada, Deputy Heads of Public Health Divisions from the three northern provinces of Oudomxay, Bokeo, Luang Namtha and Chinese experts.

Approximately 8,776 people are infected with HIV and 4,909 people are living with AIDS, based on the results of blood tests conducted on 618,226 people nationwide from 1990-2016, Mr Bounthiam briefed on the general situation of STDs.

In Luang Prabang, there are 345 people infected with HIV, of whom 116 are female, 114 people living with AIDS, and 43 deaths due to the disease. The number of victims has been recorded since 1996. The first case of HIV was reported to be found in 1991.

The meeting focused on preventing outbreaks and mitigating the spread of the HIV virus and AIDS, aiming to create a favorable environment and respond to the current HIV/AIDS situation.

They also discussed the quality of treatment and medical services, along with proper care for patients and help for HIV-infected people.

The meeting has agreed to increase advertisements and awareness of the negative and adverse impacts of HIV to society.

Source: Lao News Agency