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Nung ethnic hamlet attracts tourists with traditional rammed earth houses

Hanoi: The ordinary yet peaceful lifestyle of Nung ethnic people has been preserved well in Bac Hoa hamlet, Tan Son commune, Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province.

Visiting the hamlet, nestled against the mountains and is blessed with a smooth stream creating a picturesque landscape, tourists can immerse themselves in the simple life of this ethnic community consisting of 160 households.

Especially, there are households that have preserved the traditional Nung structures with rammed earth walls and yin-yang tiled roofs.

Together with the distinctive culture and lifestyle of local villagers, these traditional houses are a signature feature attracting tourists to visit and explore.

There are so many things to do here for tourists – admiring the picturesque landscape, visiting traditional rammed earth houses, learning about the scarf hand-weaving or traditional indigo dying process, and tasting delicious local food.

According to Deputy Chairman of Luc Ngan district’s People Committee Truong Van Nam, with an
aim to preserve the cultural values of Bac Hoa hamlet and the ethnic identity of the Nung people, the People’s Committee has implemented plans for the restoration and conservation of rammed earth houses.

‘The district has also included the rammed earth houses in Bac Hoa hamlet in a programme for conservation and promotion of cultural heritage of ethnic minorities in the period from 2020 to 2030,’ he said.

In addition, the province has also established a Soong hao singing club, aiming to promote and preserve the traditional singing art form of the Nung ethnic group.

Head of the hamlet Vi Van Cheo said that in recent years, his village has greeted many visitors, including researchers, tourists, students and enthusiasts who came to explore and experience the unique cultural traditions of the local Nung community.

Experts and tourist enterprises believe that community-based tourism and agritourism would be most suitable for the hamlet. However, it is necessary to have a strategy to promote the image and attra
ct a large number of tourists to Bac Hoa./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency