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Okinawa Funds Ban Xay Lao Rice Wine

A Cooperative from Okinawa, Japan has provided financial support of US$100,000 to assist the production of Lao Khao or Lao rice wine in Ban Xay, Xaysettha district, Attapeu Province.

Under the memorandum of understanding on the Cooperative Promotion Project which was signed on June 26 in Attapeu Province, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and Okinawa Cooperative will provide technical and financial support to the group of Lao Khao or Lao rice wine production of Ban Xay until 2020.

The money will be spent on the construction of an alcohol distillery equipped with machines, purchasing of raw materials, technical production and development training, marketing and other necessary.

The Lao rice wine of Ban Xay is produced by local intellect and creative ideas of Ban Xay villagers, which is made from sticky rice, a main ingredient mixed with other raw materials. Ban Xay Lao rice wine has its own unique and emerging quality. The Okinawa rice wine of Japan has a similar taste to Lao rice wine that is believed to have traditional origins.

Source: Lao News Agency