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One Killed, Three Injured in Bus Fire

A bus en route from Vientiane to Hanoi reportedly caught fire in the evening of May 28 at Nalom village, Xaythany district, Vientiane Capital, leaving10 houses damaged, one person deadand three injured.

Deputy Head of Vientiane Police Investigation Department, Major Ketsana Phichit concluded that the unexpected fire occurred about 18:00 pm on 28 May.The bus with license plate No 5762dropped its passengersat the bus station and arrived at the bus owner’s house. Four men took an oxygen tank and a gas tank to repair a passenger seat but the tanks exploded, which caused the fire, whose flamesspread to houses nearby.

The explosion killed a man and left three injured. Ten houses were reportedly considerably damagedfrom the explosion and the consequent fire.

Source: Lao News Agency