Oudomxay people water revered Pha Chao Singkham Buddha image

Apr 15, the second day of Pi Mai Lao B.E. 2566 (Lao New Year) celebration, many people converged at Pha Chao Singkham Buddha Temple, La district, Oudomxay to sprinkle with fragrant water Pha Chao Singkham Buddha image which is highly revered by people in Oudomxay and neighbouring provinces.

“As for this year, we could realize that watering Pha Chao Singkham Buddha image is very joyful as today watering activity was attended by a large number of people. As for me, I have brought my kids, grand children to water the Buddha image to ask for wishes and chase away bad lucks so that we can welcome new things to our family,” said Loung Onkeo Lattanavong, a retiree from Ban Donkeo, Xay district, Oudomxay.

“I have brought my kids and grand children to water Buddha images to chase away bad things and welcome good things to myself and family. I would like to encourage other people to preserve this fine culture forever,” said Pa Soi, a resident of Mone Tai, Oudomxay.

Legend has it that the Buddha statue at Pha Chao Singkham Buddha Temple was cast over 400 years ago and has supernatural powers, according to Laos Simply Beautiful, the official facebook page of the Department of Tourism Marketing, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

Source: Lao News Agency