Over 200 APEC delegates gather for business summit in Cebu City

Over 200 delegates and guests from 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies have gathered in this oldest city of the Philippines to discuss strategies aimed at addressing the economic challenges hampering sustainable growth and collaboration among countries in the region. The third leg of this year’s APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) is being held at the Nustar Resort and Casino in this capital city’s South Road Properties (SRP) from July 27 to 30. President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is set to address the delegates and share his administration’s vision and priorities for promoting growth and regional cooperation during the opening plenary on Friday. In a statement, ABAC chairperson Tomas Alcantara said this year’s forum would highlight the shared responsibility of stakeholders in shaping the future of every economy across the region. Alcantara, director of Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc., said the third business advisory council meeting presents a crucial opportunity for the body and the stakeholders to strengthen collaboration and devise strategic approaches to address pressing issues in the Asia-Pacific region. ABAC Philippines member and vice chair of the council’s sustainable growth working group Sabin Aboitiz said the summit is set to address climate change, ensure energy security and sustainability, and foster sustainable food systems. ‘Through innovative strategies and collaborative public-private partnerships, we aim to create a world where economic progress goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility,’ said Aboitiz, president and chief executive officer of Aboitiz Group, in a separate statement. ‘Our commitment to sustainable growth is unwavering, as we recognize that only by working together can we achieve a harmonious balance between human development and the preservation of our precious natural resources. Let us rise to the challenge and forge a path towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come,’ he added. Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Gerard Ace Pelare, the spokesperson of Police Regional Office-7 chief Brig. Gen. Anthony Aberin, said the regional police are on full alert status to ensure the safety and security of the delegates from the 21 APEC economies. ‘We are delighted that Cebu has been chosen to be the venue of ABAC. In response, we are committing our police force in Cebu City to secure the venue where our delegates have gathered,’ Pelare told reporters here. As to the protesters who want to get near the venue where Marcos would deliver his speech, Pelares said the police will maintain maximum tolerance, but may ask cause-oriented groups to present a permit to conduct a rally before they can get near the area at the SRP. Tourist police will work hand in hand with the local peace teams to secure destinations in Metro Cebu where some of the delegates might visit for a side trip while attending the ABAC summit, he said. He also assured delegates that threat assessment has been thoroughly conducted to ensure the overall security in this historical city during the duration of the event.

Source: Philippines News Agency