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Over 5,000 Infected with Dengue Viruses

Over 5,000 people have been infected with dengue viruses and 7 have died of the mosquito borne disease nationwide, the Ministry of Health has reported.

Vientiane Capital is hard hit by dengue fever with one death, the Ministry of Health reported on Aug 2.

One death has been reported in each of the following provinces: Khammouane, Savannakhet, Saravane, and Attapeu while Champasak has 3 people dying of dengue fever since the beginning of 2017.

Prime Minister recently issued an order urging the Ministry of Health and relevant sectors to take preventive and suppression measures against dengue outbreaks in the country.

Over recent years, the Ministry of Health has urged the public to follow five dengue preventive and suppression rules: 1. cover both indoor and outdoor water containers, 2. drain and clean outdoor containers, 3. release guppy fish (mosquito eating fish) into containers or ponds where mosquitoes breed or mosquito larvae live, 4. make sure no stagnant water is contained in cans or containers, and 5. observe the preceding rules every week.

Source: Lao News Agency