Over 9,700 Poor Households Electrified in Saravane | Lao Tribune

Over 9,700 Poor Households Electrified in Saravane

More than 9,700 low-income households in 469 villages of 8 districts in Saravane province have reportedly gained all-year-round access to electricity after spending life without electricity for many years, an official has said.

The electrification project for these poor families began in 2009 and was completed by the end of last year (2016), according to Head of Electricite Du Laos Saravane Branch Detsouvanh Malaythong.

The project, costing over 4.5 billion kip (US$ 549,327), was the sole investment of the government’s Electricite Du Laos (EDL).

Mr Detsouvanh explained that EDL installed free power meters (3/9A) along with other equipment worth467,000 kip (US$ 57) in each household to ensure their access to electricity.

The state enterprise paid700,000 kip(US$ 85) in advance for the installation of power cables to each poor household and will charge 20,000 kip (US$ 2.5) monthly from each household as a repayment of its investment.

More than 58,000 households, or 80 percent of the total, in Saravane province have permanent access to electricity, according to Mr Detsouvanh.

Source: Lao News Agency