Parliament votes to create register of known pedophiles

The Interior Ministry will establish and maintain a National Information System for the Prevention and Protection from Paedophilia and a National Register of cases of paedophilia committed on the territory of the country or in relation to Bulgarian citizens abroad who have sought help and support, Parliament voted on Wednesday on second reading with amendments to the Protection Against Domestic Violence Act. The register must be set up within 12 months of the adoption of the texts. The register will also include persons convicted of offences under the “debauchery” section of the Criminal Code committed against minors, as well as the issuance of reports and certificates of the circumstances recorded. The proposal was sponsored by Petar Petrov from Vazrazhdane. About 85 percent of the crimes committed that fall under the “debauchery” section are repeat offenses, he reasoned. Employers will now be able to refuse to employ convicted paedophiles when their activities involve children. MPs will debate and vote on the rest of the amendments to the Protection Against Domestic Violence Act at a future sittin

Source: Philippines News Agency