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Phongsaly and Huaphan: Rice Farms Hit by Green Caterpillar Outbreak

Farmers in Huaphan and Phongsaly provinces are suffering from an outbreak of green caterpillars damaging their young rice plants over an estimated more than 100 hectares of paddy fields.

Head of Phongsaly Plant Quarantine Teamwork Phouangnakhone Noly told June 26 that almost 150 ha of rice farms in ten villages of Ngot-Ou district have being reportedly damaged by green caterpillars, while more than 100 ha have not yet been inspected due to the limited number of technical staff and budget shortages.

The outbreak of rice plant-eating caterpillars started two weeks ago. Only 33 ha of total affected rice farms have been sprayed with pesticides, said Mr Phouangnakhone.

The rocketing green caterpillar population has severely damaged over 8 ha of paddy fields in two villages. The worst hit were Meungpan and Napho in Viengxay district, Huaphan province, said Litthasone Baichalinm Deputy Director of Agriculture Division of Huaphan province.

Besides, caterpillars in Huaphan province caused additional damage after the locust outbreak of locust, consequently damaging over 580 ha of farmlands in 185 villages.

Over 38 ha of farmlands in Nachong village of Viengxay district suffered damage the outbreak of green caterpillars in 2015.

Source: Lao News Agency