PM directs on social economic development to Luang Namtha

The leaders of Luang Namtha province have been asked to continue to pay attention to the implementation of the social economic development plan of the province, and two national agendas after developing it into an action plan, as well as defining the detailed focal tasks of the province.

This guideline made by Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh during he met Luang Namtha leaders last week “The important thing is to raise the leadership, encourage and monitor the implementation of the said work to enter into the actual work so as to ensure success according to the expectation and schedule, especially the decree on state cars and solving the problem of illegally imported cars according to the law, and focusing on collecting income, importing and exporting goods.” PM Phankham said.

Leaders of Luang Namtha have also been advised to cope with illegal trade, control currency exchange especially at crossing border and special economic zones, manage expenditures in accordance with budget, control good consumers prices, monitor mining practice and export minerals in accordance with the laws.

Alongside with continue to encourage and promote domestic and foreign investment to be faster and more effective, he continued.

On the occasion of his visit to Luang Namtha province, Prime Minister and his delegation also visited Nateuy Railway Station.

Source: Lao News Agency