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PM Thongloun’s Car Fetches Highest Bid, 1.33 Billion Kip

President BounnhangVorachit’s BMW Series 7/730li – 890 million kip (almost US$110,000) bid by the DV Group , starting price 830 million kip and 500 million kip

Prime Minister ThonglounSisoulith’s BMW Series 7/730li – 1,330 million kip (US$164,000) bid by businessman ThonglithKingkeoudom

National Assembly’s President PanyYathortou’s BMW Series 7/730li – 970 million kip (almost US$120,000) bid by businesswoman MrsBouakeoVongsamolaphoum

The cars on auction comprised seven BMW Series 7/730li models and seven Mercedes Benz S350 models. The starting bid for all BMW Series 7/730li was set at 830 million kip as 500 million kip was the starting bid for all Mercedes Benz S350 models.

The planned auction came after the Party and government leaders agreed not to drive luxury cars in a bid to cut lavish spending on vehicles and related costs.

The cars will be replaced by more reasonably priced brands of vehicles.

Luxury cars will no longer be used for state affairs and excessive numbers of cars previously provided to senior officials will be taken back.

The auction was only be the first batch of cars withdrawn from the leaders at level I and level II categories.

The level-I leaders include the President, Prime Minister, President of the National Assembly, Secretary General of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and other members of the Politburo. The level-II leaders comprise the Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Vice President, Vice President of the National Assembly, and Deputy Prime Minister.

Source: Lao News Agency