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President Extends New Year Wishes

President Bounnhang Vorachit on Thursday delivered a New Year speech extending wishes to the Lao people on the occasion of celebrating Pi Mai Lao or Lao New Year B.E. 2562.

In his message, President extended best wishes to countrymen, civil servants, military and police officers and the Lao multi-ethnic people healthiness, happiness and greater success and conveyed care from the Party and government leaders to people of Sanamxay district and those affected by natural disaster last year and wished them healthiness, happiness and triumph over obstacles.

Countrymen and foreign friends,

On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old year- the Year of the Dog and welcome new year � the Year of the Pig B.E. 2562 to carry on the fine tradition of our Lao nation which has been nurtured since time immemorial, I, on behalf of the Party and government leaders would like to take this auspicious occasion to extend warm solidarity, pure care, friendly greetings and best wishes to the Lao multi-ethnic people in the country and abroad, and foreign nationals living and performing their duties in the Lao PDR and members of the world community. May you have happiness and joyfulness, peace, friendship and prosperity, said President Bounnhang.

Recalling the passing year B.E. 2561, President Bounnhang highlighted the pride of the Lao people of their solidarity in implementing the resolution of the 10th National Congress of the Lao Revolutionary Party and the 8th Five-year Socio-economic Development Plan in an enthusiastic, comprehensive and constant manner and their triumph over countless obstacles.

The President also highlighted the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Viengxay as the revolutionary stronghold and the 70th founding anniversary of the Lao People’s Army over the past months.

The president noted that the nationwide celebration of such historic days has won trust in the leadership of the Party as well as the trust from the international community, and raised the reputation of the Lao PDR at the international arena.

He said that B.E. 2562 was of great importance in terms of opportunities and challenges as the year was the last year of the implementation of the resolution of the 10th National Congress of the Party and the 8th Five-year Socio-economic Development Plan and noted the necessity for the Lao people to address obstacles to ensure the Lao people can graduate from poverty and the least developed country status in the near future.

Source: Lao News Agency