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President Urges Health Sector to Raise Quality of Medical Services

(KPL) President Bounnhang Vorachit has urged health sector to raise the quality of its medical services to reduce the number of local people seeking medical care in neighbouring countries.

Addressing the annual meeting of the Ministry of Health in Vientiane on 7 February, President Bounnhang urged the health sector to improve the quality of medical services of central and provincial hospitals through modernising basic infrastructure, medical equipment, developing human resources and promoting the application of information technology.

The president also emphasized the ideological and ethical education of medical workers of both public and private hospitals.

He asked the sector to continue to implement its reform plan 2018-2020 and make efforts to achieve sustainable development goals, especially those related to nutrition, and make sure people are protected with health insurance policies.

Attention must be attached to health education making sure that this kind of activity is accessible to the greater number of people. If people receive information and realize health hazards they will know how to keep themselves healthy. This is a costless and effective solution. Health education must be the task of the entire Party, army and entire Lao peopleand all medial tools must be used to equip children with knowledge of basic healthcare, said President Bounnhang.

The president also asked relevant sectors to expand healthcare service to rural and remote areas and prevent in an effective manner severe communicable diseases that could threaten the health and lives of people.

Source: Lao News Agency