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Public Welcomed To Join S2N Charity Run For Hospitals In Attapeu And Luang Prabang

General public members are encouraged to join South to North (S2N) Laos Charity Run to raise funds for the Attapeu Provincial Hospital and the Lao Friend Hospital in Luang Prabang.

Experienced and committed runners have teamed up to completed the first ever 1,569 KM run from south to north of Laos on Oct 7-26, 2018. The runners include Mr Inthy Deuansavanh (Lao), Mr Carlo Bacalla (Philippine), Mr Daniel Ose (German), Mr Carl Lyod Farnican (Philippine), Mr Ryan Cacayan (Philippine), Mr Martin Haack (German), Ms Vanpheng Southichak (Lao), Ms Kang Sujeong (Korea), David Sembrono (Australia), among others.

This year’s 1,569 km S2N Laos charity run will be the first ever and the longest fundraising on foot in the Lao PDR. Team S2N will make history by running the whole length of Laos to raise funds for Lao children, said Mr Carlo Bacalla.

The S2N runners will take on this gruelling challenge over the course of 16 days. The run will start on Oct 7 at the Saysetha park of Samakhixay district, Attapeu province through rout 11 heading to Sekong through route 16A to Paksong and Pakse of Champassak Province. Paksong with an altitude of 1,265 meters will be an initial test of the runners’ strength, said Mr Carlo.

He explained the runner will then continue up north along Road 13 passing through the four Provinces of Saravan, Savannakhet, Khammuan, Borikhamxay and aim to reach Vientiane Capital on Oct 15.

The team will continue up north on October 16 to reach Luang Prabang on Oct 19. Before getting to this beautiful city of Luang Prabang, the runner will have to climb through the 1,345-meter mount Phoukhoun.

They will join the annual Luang Prabang International Half Marathon on Oct 21. The next day team S2N will continue their journey to Phongsaly through same Road 13 passing through Udomxay Province. Final day will be the toughest climb when the runner will run through mount Phoukham with an altitude of 1,675 meters. The long journey will end at the Phongsaly centre on Oct 26.

This fund-raising event to help Lao Children in Attapeu and Luang Prabang Provinces get better healthcare service. Please support us with your generous donation. Every single cent, bath and kip you give can mean life to these Lao children in need, said Ms Vanpheng Southichak, Co-Founder /Managing Director of EFG.

Individual and public donation can be made through the following Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao �BCEL- accounts:

Acc (KIP) 010-110-001-140-755-001

Acc (USD): 010-110-101-140-755-001/

Tel: +856205232665.

The event was supported by Events for Good, Green Discovering, Lao Ford City, Inthira Group, Lao Chamber of Business and Commerce, Breastfeeding and Gifted Child Support.

Source: Lao News Agency