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Remarks With Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen Before Their Meeting

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Good afternoon, all. I want to welcome Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen from Denmark to the State Department. It’s a pleasure to have you, Anders.

FOREIGN MINISTER SAMUELSEN: Thank you, and likewise. I’ve really been looking forward to this meeting.

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Thank you. We’ve � we were just commenting we’ve been spending a lot of time together, between Vancouver and the chemical weapons accord, and now Washington. So clearly, a lot of common interest between Denmark and the United States, and we appreciate the strong support that Denmark’s given us on the campaign to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula as well as the chemical weapons accord last week in Paris. So delighted to have you here, Anders. Thanks for coming over.

FOREIGN MINISTER SAMUELSEN: Thank you once again. Thank you so much.


QUESTION: Mr. Secretary, what does a small country like Denmark mean to the U.S.?

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, Denmark’s an important partner in the Nordic countries. Obviously, they are very close to Russia, and so they are important to the security network and architecture. But they also play an important role at the UN. They bring a lot to our discussions in terms of considering alternative means to engage in difficult problems like North Korea. So Denmark brings a lot to our conversations. Thank you.

Source: U.S. State Department