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Remarks With President Xi Jinping Before Their Meeting

SECRETARY TILLERSON: President Xi, thank you so much for that very warm welcome, and for receiving me in Beijing on this, my first visit to China as Secretary of State.

President Trump places a very high value on the communications that have already occurred between yourself and President Trump, most particularly the very lengthy telephone conversation, where there were very good exchanges to improve the understanding of China’s view of the relationship with the United States, and President Trump’s view, as well. And he looks forward to enhancing that understanding, and the opportunity for a visit in the future.

We know that, through further dialogue, we will achieve a greater understanding that will lead to a strengthened — strengthening of the ties between China and the United States, and set the tone for our future relationship of cooperation.

I appreciate very much the time that Foreign Minister Wang and Senior Councilor Yang have extended to me on this visit. We had very comprehensive dialogue regarding important areas for future discussion, and also important elements to ensure a successful visit in the future.

Source: U.S. State Department