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RESCUE 122 CERTS training Ends (Daily Messenger (Pakistan))

The 3 day training initiated by Rescue 1122 from 27th April to 29th April, 2015 ended here on Wednesday

The DG Rescue Punjab Dr. Rizwan Naseer directed all Districts Emergency Officers to start capacity building of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in order to establish socially responsible; healthy, safe and resilient communities all over the Punjab.

In this regard Dr. Abdur Rehman, District Emergency Officer Rescue 1122, Rawalpindi launched a capacity building program for rescue volunteers registered at five rescue stations situated at Central Rescue Station, Rawal Road Rawalpindi, Pir Wadahi Rescue Station, Civil Lines Rescue Station, Bahria Town Rescue Station and Kalma Chowk Rescue Station.

In the first Phase volunteers got registered at nearest Rescue Station and received five days orientation about Emergency Service, response mechanisms basic life support and fire safety orientation.

In Second Phase volunteers would received three days Community Action for Disaster Response (CADRE) training by Internationally Certified Instructors of Emergency Service, after which they would get connected with Rescue Service for different ongoing training program, awareness workshops and response activities.

Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi had completed training of 14 volunteers members of Community Emergency Response Team (CERTs) group two registered at civil line Rescue station.

The training contents of this course include: common community hazards and community response group, securing family preparing for response, first aid and basic life support, basic search and rescue, water emergencies, incident command system and triage, dead body management and fire emergencies.

The CADRE trainings have also been conducted in Bangladesh; Cambodia, India, Laos, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Vietnam.

Course Monitor Dr. Abdur Rehman, District Emergency Officer Rescue 1122 while addressing the participants of the training course in Rawalpindi said that although an effective Emergency Management System in Punjab had been established yet the participation of organized and trained communities could play a vital role for building safer Pakistan.

This capacity building program included CADRE training would create awareness to adopt preventive measures and preparation for disasters in all the respective localities to promote safety culture in Pakistan.

HE further said that now Rescue 1122 has been working for changing minds of the public to establish socially responsible, healthy, and safer and more resilient communities to achieve the goal of Emergency Service.

Initially 14 participants joined session on first day and finally 14 attended all sessions and have been evaluated with written tests and demonstrations of practical skills. All 14 participants successfully completed course.