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Russian Embassy holds press briefing on situation in Ukraine

Third Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Laos, Mr Danil A. Vodopianov held a press briefing in Vientiane today on the situation in Ukraine stating that Russia’s special military operation is being carried out with President Vladimir Putin noting that its goals and objectives would be met.

With the help of foreign countries, Ukraine has become a centre of attraction for terrorists and mercenaries of all stripes with combat experience in the hot spots of the world. Over 6,800 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries have flocked to Ukraine since the beginning of the special military operation.

Criminal activities by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russia’s territory

The West is openly encouraging Kiev to attack Russia. Over the past several weeks, the Ukraine forces have shelled the border areas of the Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, and Voronezh regions resulting in casualties and destroyed property.

These criminal activities by Ukraine against Russian territory cannot remain unanswered. Kiev and the Western capitals shall take seriously the Russian Defence Ministry’s statement that continually provoking Ukraine into striking Russian targets will necessarily lead to a very strong Russian response.

We continue to prioritize the goal of overcoming the humanitarian challenges in Ukraine by providing our own large-scale aid to the people in need and partnering up with our international partners such as the UN and the ICRC. About 14,000 tonnes of humanitarian supplies were delivered from Russia to communities in the LPR and DPR, as well as a number of Ukrainian regions.

Humanitarian supplies from Russia are the only source of actual assistance for the residents of eastern Ukraine, the LPR and the DPR. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side is using humanitarian pauses to stage provocations and redeploy its troops.

Negotiation process

At present the Russian and Ukrainian delegations are holding discussions on the possible draft almost daily, via videoconference. The agenda of the talks includes permanent neutrality, the non-nuclear, non-bloc and demilitarised status of Ukraine, denazification, recognition of the new geopolitical reality, the lifting of sanctions and the status of the Russian language.

Settling the situation in Ukraine will make a significant contribution to the de-escalation of the military and political tensions in Europe and the world in general. The establishment of an institution of guarantor states is envisaged as a possible option.

Russia is in favour of continuing the talks and it is important to stress that Russia is not demanding that Ukraine surrender. We are demanding that Ukraine leadership, particularly Mr. Vladimir Zelensky, give the order to release all civilians and to stop resisting. Our goal does not include regime change in Ukraine. We want to ensure the safety of people in eastern Ukraine, so that they won’t be threatened by militarization and nazification and that no threats against the Russian Federation emanate from Ukrainian territory.

Source: Lao News Agency