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Samdong International Supports Education in Xiengkhouang

Samdong International, an NGO from the Republic of Korea (RoK) is supporting a Project on Education and Sport Development in Peak and Kham Districts, Xiengkhouang Province.

The Memorandum of Understanding for the project was signed between Director of the Xiengkhoung Education and Sports Department Boualy Phannavong and President of Samdong International of the RoK Jung Sook Hee in Xiengkhoung Province on Jun 14.

Under the MoU, the US$400,000project will be implementedover the next 5 years.

The project will focus on the improvement of target schools in Peak and Kham Districts, Xiengkhouang Province to ensure their educational and sport development.

The project will also support the teaching and learning of English and Korean languages and computer skills that meet the standards of the Ministry of Education and Sports. It will also provide scholarships to students from low-income families to pursue their education in Laos and the Republic of Korea.

Samdong International is a not-for-profit NGO launched to provide the world community with relief aid. Its work is based on the founding idea that all of mankind is one family.

Since the inception of its international branch in 2008, Samdong International has been supporting people in need across the globe, in countries such as India, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Haiti.

It provides help in areas such as clean water initiatives and well and school construction, education, sustainable food projects, and emergency relief.

Aside from relief activities, Samdong International places special focus on training talented individuals within each of its partner communities, to encourage a true future of independence and self-reliance.

Source: Lao News Agency