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Saravane Advised to Pay Close Attention to Economic Development

Deputy Premier Sonexay Siphandone has stressed that Saravane province pay close attention to some additional issues of reviewing its socio-economic development performance, the province’s investment projects, project debt settlement, and debt related banks.

Deputy Premier Sonexay gave a direction to leading officials of Saravane province during his working visit to Saravane on June 3 where he was warmly welcomed by Saravane Governor Sisouvanh Vongchomsy and other high-ranking officials.

Saravane leaders have been advised to accelerate the implementation of revenue and tax collection gaining from the existing revenue elements and also to hold local businesses to account for their operators.

In the field of agricultural production, Deputy Premier Sonexay said authorities should focus on purchasing groups, collection of statistics and production output, so as to make a market-oriented production plan to meet the market demand in each period and also on addressing the issue of timber in line with current conditions, taking into account the control of goods prices and closely monitoring for illegal logging along the border.

The migration of labourers to other countries and overseas workers in the province should be registered to ensure order and tidiness in society, Mr Sonexay advised, after hearing a provincial report on general economic circumstances from Vice Governor Vixien Navekoun.

He also asked them o continue implementing the poverty reduction programme for the three poorest districts by concentrating on additional cash crop plantation and raising cattle along with eucalyptus tree plantation.

The Deputy Premier also said that Saravane province should improve its public health and irrigation systems to increase productivity and provide clean water supply for residents, and basic education improvement for locals.

A briefing byVice Governor Vixien Navekoun disclosed that the GDP of the first five months of the implementation of the fifth five-year socio-economic development plan in 2017 reached over 3.8 trillion kip (nearly US$ 465.47 million), while income collection was more than 44 billion kip (US$ 5.397 million), equivalent to 37 percent of the plan. Meanwhile, investment reached over 810 billion kip (US$ 99.121 million).

Rice production, the main focus of the province, reached more than 84,000 hectares and other cash crops such as coffee, corn, sweet potatoes, cassava and peanuts were also promoted.

The report claimed that 105 wood processing factories have been suspended and 58 factories currently remain, of which 22 are wood processing factories, 17 are furniture factories and 14 are handicraft cottage factories.

Source: Lao News Agency