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Savannaket to Farm More Organic Rice for Export

Savannakhet Province will produce more organic rice in response to the high demand of overseas markets. This is good news for rice grower groups in Savannakhet Province.

This year, Savannakhet Province planted organic rice in the dry season on over 17,700 hectares and will engage in organic rice farming in the coming monsoon season on over 30,600 hectares for export, Mr Thonkeo Phoudthakaiyalath, Vice Governor of Savannakhet Province, said recently.

Last year, Savannakhet Province exported over 9,700 tonnes of milled rice earning over US$6.40 million, according to Mr Thonkeo.

The European Union and China are the main export markets, Mr Thonkeo said.

Savannakhet Province has been selected to do the country’s first pilot scheme farming rice for export, as Savannakhet Province has been blessed with land rich for cultivation.

To encourage the scheme or move, the Ministries of Agriculture and Forestry and Industry and Commerce have recently held a training course for local rice farmers on techniques of rice farming for high yields.

He said that to promote Lao rice for export and integrate with regional and international markets in the future, the government has welcomed domestic and foreign investment in the sector to improve the quality of rice produce for export.

Source: Lao News Agency