Savannakhet Orders Closure of Over 300 Illegal Wood Factories | Lao Tribune

Savannakhet Orders Closure of Over 300 Illegal Wood Factories

( Savannakhet authorities have ordered more than 300 wood processing factories to close since Feb 15 to ensure that natural resources, especially timber, are used in an effective manner.

Local authorities have discovered that 253 factories have been operating without business licenses, and 166 without any legal documents.

More than 70 wood factories have been found located in protected areas namely in the Phouxanghea, Dongphouvieng, Sebungnaun, Dongnatard, Sedon, Yotnam Senoy-Sebaiy, Aong-Mung forests.

Director of the Industry and Commerce Department of Savannakhet Province Mr Sithon Nunthalard said that the governor has ordered the closure of all illegal wood businesses and expected that the closures would be achieved by the end of Mar 2017.

“As we can see the trees in the forests are decreasing in number so local people and other relevant authorities are being encouraged to close all illegal businesses so we can have green areas and promote the protection of natural resources,” said Mr Sithon.

Source: Lao News Agency