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School Kids Celebrate Pi Mai Lao

Haakkeo Kindergarten School celebrated Lao New Year or Pi Mai Lao B.E 2560 on April 6 at the Lao-Japan Budo Center, Vientiane Capital, to raise awareness of the fine traditions and customs of Laos.

The celebration featured several activities including art performances, singing, poetry recitation, and a somma ceremony.

The Director General of the Haakkeo School, Mrs Souphaphone Wavamura, said that the aim of the Lao New Year celebration at her school was to raise awareness about Lao culture among students as they are supposed to perform well in making up for the wrong they had done to their parents and elders over the past twelve months.

Parents were invited for the somma ceremony where their children and their friends sprinkled them with perfumed water and flower petals, in a gesture to ask for their forgiveness.

‘I saw that the New Year poem of Haakkeo Kindergarten School that has been posted on facebook by Tholakong has been given over 1,000 likes. That’s amazing for the New Year Celebration at our school,’ said Mrs Souphaphone.

Source: Lao News Agency