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Sekong Bridge to be Ready for Use Next Year

A 90 percent completed bridge across the Sekong River is projected to beopened to public use early next year.

This is a priority project of the Government and a big investment in Sekong province, Head of Sekong Statistics and Budget Planning Division Khamkeng Keosouvanh said, adding that the construction work started in November 2014 and is expected to be completed in early 2018.

This bridge was actually due to be completed by early this year but itsa technical error led to the delay in construction work.

The project has also been slowed down by factors such as irregular water levels,causing completion to go beyond the planned date.

Mr Khamkeng said that Sekong province will receive direct interest from the bridge, which will contribute to socio-economic development. The construction is also in response to the government’s attention that requires this road as the AEC route linking to the southern most provinces of Laos.

Once completed, the bridge will help facilitate goods transportation from Thailand to the Da Nang seaport in Vietnam.

The bridge, costing 115 million kip (1.6 billion yen), was funded by a grant from the Japanese Government.

Source: Lao News Agency