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Senate to proceed with RBH 6 discussions with higher education sector

MANILA: The Senate subcommittee tasked to handle the proposed amendments to the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution has invited more resource persons from the higher education sector as it resumes discussions on the Resolution of Both Houses No. 6 (RBH 6) on March 5.

Representatives of higher education institutions are attending the proceedings, Senator Sonny Angara said.

“It’s a continuation of the session for higher education. Mas madaming naimbita (More were invited) from the tech-voc and private education sector,” Angara told reporters,

Among the provisions proposed to be amended is Article XIV on opening up higher educational institutions to full foreign ownership.

In a previous statement, Angara called for greater precision in the language of any proposed amendment, emphasizing the need to clarify the scope of the amendment amid concerns about its potential impact on basic education.

‘Before we amend or seek to amend the constitutional provision on ownership or management and control of hi
gher education institutions, perhaps we should aim at greater precision in the language of the amendment,’ he said.

Angara addressed interpretations of RBH 6, expressing concern that some may have misunderstood its implications on basic education.

He has repeatedly assured that the measure only intends to tackle higher education and “keep basic education in the hands of Filipinos.”

Source: Philippines News Agency