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SHU’s International Students visit attractive Jiangsu

More than 30 representatives of international students from Shanghai University (SHU) visited eastern China’s Jiangsu Province on a programme themed “Shanghai University’s Zhihua Practice Activities” between Oct 22-24.

During the three-day trip, they visited UNESCO’s world heritage Tiaozini Wetland, an important ecological site of China.

They also visited Yellow Sea Seashore National Forest Park, the largest artificial ecological forest park in eastern China. The 4,000-ha park houses more than 600 varieties of plants and 300 different bird species.

The students also visited Dafeng Elk National Nature Reserve, which is the world’s largest wild elk reserve and the world’s largest elk gene pool.

At night, they were entertained with a musical show dedicated to a love story between the kindhearted man Dong Yong and a goddess at Xixi Tourist and Cultural Scenic Spot. It is the birthplace of Dongtai history and culture.

“It is a blessing to visit such wonderful and mesmerizing places, where human beings are rehabilitating the environment to make life attractive and healthy. I am really amazed and intrigued by the determination and hard work of the Chinese people to make clean environment. I have enjoyed the Yellow Sea wetland natural beauty, the various games inside the forest, the animals in the zoo, the outdoor entertainments and others. I really recommend everyone visit them and gain lifetime experience of natural beauty,” said Tsigabu Teame, a PhD student from Ethiopia.

Likewise, Tofa Anton Milton Utufua, a bachelor student from Samoa said “We decided to wake up at 4 am to see the sunrise and walked for 2-3 hours. As we arrived to the wetland geographical sight the fresh air of the country side soothe me with such pleasantry as the sky was lit with brightness from the suns ray and the fresh air blowing from the ocean side. I enjoyed every minute of it as I was walking and it took me back to some memorable moments when I was a kid. This is what it feels like in that moment. At the same time, I felt like I was ready to take on the world without hesitation.”

Source: Lao News Agency