Singapore hails PNP’s efforts vs. human trafficking

The Singaporean government recognized the Philippine National Police (PNP) for its efforts in rescuing human trafficking victims in the recent series of raids on illegal Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGO) in Metro Manila. In a statement Wednesday, PNP chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. thanked Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for their expression of appreciation towards the police force’s efforts. “This acknowledgment comes in response to the recent successful police operation conducted by the PNP, which resulted in the rescue of four Singaporean nationals among the 2,000 alleged victims of human trafficking discovered in a POGO establishment that was raided last week,” Acorda said. He added that they are very grateful to Singapore’s MFA for its unwavering support and recognition of the Philippines’ efforts in the spirit of ASEAN solidarity against transnational and cross-border crime. Both the Philippines and Singapore are founding members of the ASEAN Chiefs of National Police (ASEANAPOL), now comprising all national police forces of 10 ASEAN member states. “This operation highlights the importance of international cooperation in combating human trafficking and ensuring the safety of individuals affected by this heinous crime. The successful rescue of the four Singaporean nationals is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the PNP,” Acorda said. Singapore’s MFA has officially verified the identities of the four rescued Singaporeans, confirming their status as POGO workers who fell victim to this crime. “Understanding the importance of providing immediate assistance, consular services were promptly extended to these individuals through the Singaporean embassy in Manila, ensuring their welfare and offering comprehensive support during this challenging time,” Acorda said. He added that the collaboration between the PNP and the MFA of Singapore signifies the commitment of both nations to combating human trafficking and protecting the rights of individuals affected by such crimes. This joint effort demonstrates the collective determination to address transnational criminal activities through international cooperation and mutual support. Acorda said the PNP would continue to uphold its resolve to eradicate human trafficking and dismantle illegal operations like the one uncovered in this case. He added that the police force is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all individuals, regardless of their nationality.

Source: Philippines News Agency