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Single Siren Allowed to Make

Seven rescue teams in Vientiane Capital have been instructed to use a single siren to be a similar with the ambulance siren following each rescue using different sounds so far that made road users confused.

A recent instruction of Vientiane Police Traffic Department has advised the rescue teams that don’t drive fast and limited speed determined in the traffic law so as to avoid additional road accident during transport patient to the hospital.

In order to make traffic in order and avoid of road accident, Deputy Head of Police Traffic Department, Mr Khamlack Sayasith has recently made a request to the rescue teams in Vientiane Capital to pursue strictly the instruction of the Police Traffic Department by driving carefully and using the siren HI-LO and emergency light on the car root have been allowed to be a blue while transporting the patient to the hospital.

The siren of rescue teams’ cars has not been allowed to make noise at 6 pm to 6 am which would be similar police car. Noting that in case of severely emergency would be allowed to do so. Excepted the fire fighting car that it has been permitted to use all round clock, he added.

All hospital ambulances and rescue teams have so far provided a considerable satisfaction to the society, Mr Khamlack said.

Source: Lao News Agency