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Strong Community Engagement Benefits Children

As in many provinces across the country, local authorities play a very important role in ensuring target groups of under 5 children receive vaccination.

Mr Yea Leu Yang, Chief of Phameung Village, Bolikhan district, Borikhamxay Province, has played an active role in encouraging members of his village to have their children vaccinated and to be aware of vaccination.

Phameung has a population of 6,902 people, including over 3,310 women. 80% of the population is Hmong.

It’s difficult for them to bring their children to receive vaccination because most of them are famers and they bring their children to the farm and they don’t even realize the importance of vaccination, said Mr. Yea Leu Yang.

Every time I learn that there is a vaccination campaign I would take my kids to receive vaccination as I know it is important for my children and I hope that my children will be healthy, said Ms Ear Li, 21, a mother of two kids.

Between Mar 26 and Apr 3, a polio vaccination campaign was conducted in Borikhamxay Province and 70 per cent of target groups of children were vaccinated, said Deputy Director, Borikhamxay Provincial Health Department, Ms Douangta Leuangmylay.

The UNICF and WHO launched a 10-day sub-national polio vaccination campaign in 13 provinces and 90 districts to vaccinate about 460,000 children aged 0 month to 5 years of age.

The sub-national polio vaccination campaign aimed to have at least 95 per cent of target population vaccinated in each province.

Though the sub-national polio vaccination campaign was originally designed to end on Apr 3, 2018, we will continue to vaccinate by conducting an outreach vaccination where those families failing to bring their children to receive vaccination will be visited by our outreach team and their kids will be vaccinated, said Ms Douangta.

She also considered language barriers and poor recognition of vaccination among target communities especially those belong to ethnic minorities as main challenges to polio vaccination.

According to a report from the Borikhamxay Provincial Health Department, around 5,000 out of 6,550 children under one year old were immunised while 20,223 out of 28,997 children under five years of age were vaccinated during the sub national vaccination campaign conducted between Mar 26 and Apr 3, 2018 in Borikhamxay Province.

Routine vaccination coverage for polio third dose 2017 was 85 %, lower than the 90% target to make under-5 population immune.

The routine vaccination coverage segregated by district shows that 90% of targeted districts failed to achieve 90% vaccination coverage last year.

Source: Lao News Agency