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Swensen’s Introduces New Menu with Mango Flavour

The American ice cream franchise in Vientiane, “Swensen’s” which is a unit of the Express Food Group has introduced its new menu with two new flavours to serve customers in the capital.

There are new six varieties of mango-flavoured ice cream available at all brands of Swensen’s in Vientiane starting from this month until July, according to Assistant Manager of Swensen’s, Mr Nikone Thiengtham.

The new ice creams are: mango delight, mango smoothie, mango boat, mango crepe, mango trio, and mango hurricane.

The price starts from 28,000 kip to 65,000 kip, according to content and size, Mr Nikone said.

According to the record, mango-flavoured ice cream is the most popular among other fruit in a year so we decided to serve customers for four months per year, while the other seasonal fruit flavours are served only for one month, he pointed out.

“Our ice cream’s flavours will be changed each year,” Mr Nikone explained.

Any customer who has a brochure of Swensen’s will receive a 10% of discount at all outlets.

Mr Nikone also said that Swensen’s will not close during the celebration of Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) and confirms that there will be no price increase.

Swensen’s main customers are students and family groups. It serves 200-300 tables a day from Monday to Thursday, while on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it serves more than 300-500 tables daily, Mr Nikone added.

Swensen’s, which entered Laos in 2010, opens from 10 AM to 10 PM daily. The first outlet is located near the National Culture Hall, the second is at Dongdok, in front of the National University of Laos, and the third is in the Chinamo area.

Source: Lao News Agency