Tad Hua Seua, a new tourist attraction in Vientiane

Thinking of a place to visit to relax on the weekend is not an easy task for many especially during this time when inflation remain high.

If we are planning for a leisure trip, some of the very first things we need to think about include money for transport, food and accommodation. But these are not really a big problem for the tourist attraction we are going to talk about because it is located at a short distance from the downtown of Vientiane. So you don’t need to pay for accommodation or prepare a big budget for transport.

Today, we would like to suggest a near beautiful place suitable for relaxing on the weekend for you, family, friends, relatives and your loved ones.

Tad Hua Seua, or Hua Seua waterfall in English, is located in Danxi, Naxaythong district. It is only 25 km or a 35- minute-drive from the city. It is connected to a good road. So it is accessible to visitors travelling by cars or motorbikes.

Tad Hua Seua is located on the same road with Tad Yao waterfall. People who have ever visited Tad Yao are more likely to find Tad Hua Seua more quickly. Tad Hua Seua is located at a greater distance compared to its neighbour Tad Yao.

There are no explicit signs to guide you to the waterfall. So for most people, the most typical way to get there is to ask people in Danxi or nearby villages.

Tad Hua Seua is formed by a stream travelling from high land through stones at a height of 20-30 metres. Falling water hitting stones forms a very wonderful natural feature. In addition, the sunlight striking flying mists can also create a beautiful rainbow.

There is a wide area for visitors to play and swim. Rainy season is a very good time for visiting this waterfall. Here you can also be impressed by hearing the singing of various kinds of birds.

However, safety issues must be considered as well. In rainy season, there tends to be a lot of water falling down from a great height, visitors are highly advised to take cautious when playing or swimming near the waterfall as they can be hurt by falling objects, like sticks, travelling with falling water.

Source: Lao News Agency