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Tanya's Fatalities and Brutalities Teased in New MKX Patch (iDigital Times)

Tanya’s first fatality in MKXNetherRealm

Hope everyone is enjoying Jason Voorhees in Mortal Kombat X, because he’s about to be joined by another kombatant. The second character in the Kombat Pack is Tanya, a veteran MK fighter who made her debut in Mortal Kombat 4.

However, there has been no official date of when she will go live but a new patch to Mortal Kombat X has teased Tanya and her fatalities and brutalities. The patch notes can be read via NetherRealm’s site, here.

As you can see from the screenshots courtesy of MP1st via IGN Tanya in Mortal Kombat X has two fatalities — like everyone else — but in them she uses her boot in one to stomp out her opponent. Her other fatality takes her opponent’s heart out of their chest in a move called Edenian Drill. Perhaps Tanya will spin her body like a drill and impale her opponent?

Tanya’s five brutalities all use her various special attacks to deal finishing blows to her enemy.

MP1st also discovered new skin packs for various characters like Klassic skins for Sonya, Kano and Liu Kang. And a Brazil pack for Liu Kang, Johnny Cage and Kung Lao have also been revealed.

There’s also a great bit where you can use the popular stage interaction, Blanche as a Brutality. It was teased by Ed Boon but it looks like it’s finally here.

A list of changes regarding character refactors and general gameplay features are compiled at MP1st if you don’t want to read the official patch notes so be sure to check it out over there. And while we wait for an official, solid release date for the Tanya Mortal Kombat X DLC we will update the story.

While you wait, tell us what you think of the sneak peeks of Tanya’s fatalities and brutalities in the comments section below.