MUKDAHAN (THAILAND), Thailand and Laos have jointly opened the Post-Arrival and Re-integration Centre for Migrant Workers, the fourth of its kind, in Mukdahan, Thailand.

Its launching was administered by Laos Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Khampheng Xaysompheng and his Thai Counterpart Pol. Gen. Adul Sangsingkeo.

The centre will be used for choosing, checking and training foreign workers before they can be allowed to seek jobs in Thailand thus preventing them from falling victim to human trafficking.

The centre will also work as a place where foreign workers can learn how to live in Thailand and a place where employers can source and repatriate their employees.

The centre also serves as a coordination point for employers and workers and can issue e-work permits.

‘The government of Thailand attaches importance to the fact that foreign workers migrating into Thailand as a jobseeker. The cabinet of Thailand reached a consensus on July 26, 2016 to establish the Post-Arrival and Reintegration Centre for Migrant Workers in 3 provinces namely Tak, Sakeo and Nongkhai. And Mukdahan is the 4th province to have such a centre built. It will be used for training foreign workers coming to Thailand for job opportunities before they can work with their Thai employers, Sangsingkeo said.

Today there are a relatively large number of workers in Savannakhet. Previously, when they wanted to work in Thailand they had to go through a border checkpoint in Thailand. Therefore, the Ministry of Labour of Thailand represented by the Department of Employment has decided to build one more Post-Arrival and Reintegration Centre for Migrant Workers in Mukdahan to help Lao workers who want to work in Thailand as well as employers or businesses wishing to hire them thus benefiting both employers and employees according to the laws of the two countries.

Xaysompheng said that the opening of the Post-Arrival and Reintegration Centre for Migrant Workers in Mukdahan was very important for Lao workers who wished to seek jobs in Thailand.

This centre will receive Lao workers who wish to work in Thailand and those who wish to go back to Laos after they have terminated their employment in Thailand. This is a key of cooperation on labour between the two countries, particularly between our two labour ministries. This is a result of translating into reality the intention of the two governments and labour ministries of Laos and Thailand to implement the MoU on labour cooperation the two countries signed in 2016 and the agreement on labour cooperation signed in 2017, said the minister.

Thailand is expected to build similar centres in other provinces located along the Lao-Thai common border in years to come.

As many as 21,000 Lao workers are required to adjust their worker status with the Worker Status Adjustment Office by 30 Jun 2018 otherwise they have to go back to Laos to complete document requirements.

Source: NAM News Network